Flash Filesystem

jdabbs003 wrote on Saturday, July 04, 2009:

I’m looking for a flash filesystem to use with a FreeRTOS project.  Are there any particularly good fits?  Please forgive the slightly off-topic post.  I’m just interesed in knowing if there is any community standard amongst FreeRTOS developers.

incrediball wrote on Sunday, July 05, 2009:

I personally don’t think there are many good fits. They’re usually expensive, oversized and offer features that are often not needed. For example I didn’t need file names, extensions or directories. File IDs and type IDs were more than sufficient in my case. I also don’t think systems like FAT work very well on flash because of the extremely long erase times (typically 1 second for a 64K sector), which means the system should avoid tables that require frequent changes. Because of these reasons I wound up writing my own but unfortunately it belongs to my employer so I cannot share it openly.

However one thing that does speak for a full blown FAT (or whatever) based file system is if you want to implement the USB mass storage class. Since that deals with reading and writing data on such a file system then your embedded system will have to be able to understand it as well (if it needs to access the data).

prithwee wrote on Tuesday, July 07, 2009:

You can consider elm-chan’s FatFs. This supports FAT12/16/32.

Configuration options are availble to customize your code.

Refer to the following link: