Recommended reliable file system for NOR flash and FreeRTOS?

dnadler wrote on Monday, June 04, 2018:

In a FreeRTOS application, we need to store info on a local SPI NOR file system (64Mb QSI chip).
Needs to be reliable, which means wear-leveling, and ideally power-off protection.
Is there an FTL that runs under FreeRTOS FAT?
Any personal experiences?
Best Regards, Dave

rtel wrote on Monday, June 04, 2018:

There was a post a short while back about somebody sing an FTL under
FreeRTOS+FAT, but I’m no sure what came of it. If commercial or vanilla
GPL is ok then then Reliance Edge from Datalight is a good place to
start for a full transnational file system. WITTENSTEIN high integrity
systems and HCC Embedded have commercial offerings too.