EKI-LM3S6965 Kit with FreeRTOS 6.0.1

smartcat3 wrote on Thursday, December 24, 2009:

I downloaded & compiled the v6.0.1 demo using IAR compiler(v5.4).
I am compiling the demo specifically made for this evaluation board (mentioned on the subject).  After downloading it I notice the graphics is not coming out right (although the kernel and network part seems to be working…) . The FreeRTOS banner did not came out on the display.

I still manage to connect to the webserver and see the tasks informations meaning the kernel and the IP are running.  I am able to toggle the LED from the IO page of the webserver, but the text that is sent out is not visible – as expected since the graphics portion is not yet working…

Since mine is a rev D PCB, I have made the changes to main.c to call the Rit display driver for all LCD related calls.

Is there anything else I need to change to get the graphics displayed correctly ?

Well, appreciate if anyone can drop a note of advise …

davedoors wrote on Thursday, December 24, 2009:

All the hw revisions seem to use different display drivers. Download the Stellarisware examples for that board from the Luminary Micro WEB site then take the display driver from that.

smartcat3 wrote on Thursday, December 24, 2009:

Hi davedoors,

Yep. It worked …

I only had to copy the Rit display driver files(the .c and .h files) from the version that came along with the eval board.

After that, I rebuilt the demo download it to the eval board.
and the FreeRTOS banner came out shining once I hit the reset button.
Everything else in the demo works well too !

Thanks for the pointer dave !