EFM32GG11 port

lroyer wrote on Thursday, May 03, 2018:

I saw there is no demo for EFM32GG11 from Silabs (Cortex-M4 CPU based) and also this post learned me there is no official port while FreeRTOS support this Cortex-M4 core.
Do you know if there is already a port for EFM32GG11 planned and then, how long it will take to complete this one and what is done or missing currently?

Louis Royer

heinbali01 wrote on Thursday, May 03, 2018:

Many people know a lot more about this subject, about as a quick answer: any Cortex-M4 can use the generic FreeRTOS M4 port. That is the power of ARM: code can be reused among platforms.

Have a look at the ARM_CM4F or ARM_CM4_MPU directories, for instance portable\GCC\ARM_CM4F

lroyer wrote on Friday, May 04, 2018:

I already know Cortex-M4 can use this port but what about drivers, SDK…?