dump call stack when system crash

tonyuan wrote on Thursday, September 01, 2016:

Hi there

We are using IAR developing our product. And now we have faced a problem that, our system sometimes hung. We do not know what happened and do not have better way to debug it except using Jlink. But image if this hung problem happens in the field, and we can not use Jlink to debug, we can do nothing about that.
So now we are trying to develop a new feature. If the system hung, we dump the stack to flash, then we can try to analyse the static stack and find the function call path.
So here is the question, can FreeRtos help us to decode the static stack to function call path? Or is there some way that we can analyse the stack dynamicly when system hung and dump the function call path to flash?

rtel wrote on Thursday, September 01, 2016:

You will need to refer to both the hardware and compiler (IAR) manuals
to work out how to interpret the stack.