PIC32, _general_exception_handle, call stack?

roujesky wrote on Thursday, June 02, 2011:

Getting a lot better with PIC32 and FreeRTOS, but I have a real basic question.   If I set a breakpoint in _general_exception_handle, how do I find out how it got there?   the call stack does not help.  Makes sense, since the program just kinda vectors there……  
Is there a method that I am not aware of other than stepping and “discovering”?   Trying to debug some USB stuff and things go real quick! :slight_smile:


edwards3 wrote on Thursday, June 02, 2011:

There is nothing in FreeRTOS that will give you that information, and probably nothing in the PIC32 manual either. You would have to reference the MIPS architecture manual for the call stack information. If the PC is not stored in the call stack, then it must be in a register somewhere, the MIPS M4K manual will tell you.