Documentation Problem Regarding Porting

khurram712 wrote on Tuesday, December 14, 2010:

The problem for porting free RTOS  on a new platform is lack of standard templates that could be coded according to
a specific processor.Further documentation of some very important files(usually port.c and portmacro.h) is not provided.
Can some one help me in creating a new port .I am currently working on Power PC MPC5554.I need to know the basic functions thati need to code for my specific processor(in order to port it successfully) and some macros that are needed for proper working of RTOS on the processor.

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, December 14, 2010:

I think there is no such thing as a standard template as each port can be quite different. There are lots of port.c examples that could be used as a template if you find one close to your target micro.

This might also be useful

Richard - do you have source code for this Power PC?

rtel wrote on Tuesday, December 14, 2010:

Just looking through the records, I have two contributed ports that don’t appear on the FreeRTOS Interactive site.  I have no idea how good they are as I have never tried using them myself.  One says it is specifically for the MPC5516, and the other just says MPC55xx.  If you contact me directly I could send either on.  Use r _dot_ barry _at__ as the address.