Derived work license questions

juliandasilva wrote on Monday, November 02, 2009:

Hi, we are working o a small rtos based on the FreeRTOS v5.4.2 kernel, with some mofications to fit the popular Arduino boards. So we called it DiunOS. We did the following, trying to fulfill the license of FreeRTOS:

1. We included a copy of your license file, and an small comment and link to in the Readme.txt file deployed with the system.
2. We deploy full source code in our official distribution.
3. We will include a mention to you and a link in our website.


1. Is it ok for you, or is there something else we have to do?
2. Can we publish our tests with DuinOS on our AVR based hardware, including screen captures of our digital osciloscope? It’s to help the users see with wich libraries from the standard Arduino API they may have timming problems, so they can decide how to program their applications. We would like to write some examples with a PDF with these explanations, and with mermory size considerations, just to help the users.

Many thanks in advance! And congratulations for your great work!

Julián da Silva

rtel wrote on Monday, November 02, 2009:

I think you have all the points covered so everything is ok, although I would questions why you want to use a different name.  Don’t forget to include the copyright notice too!

Contact me directly (r dot barry to discuss the tests you wish to run.