CrossStudio Verify failed

timadria wrote on Tuesday, May 06, 2008:


I’m using the Crossworks compiler and the “lwIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7”.
When I try to build the project the compiler don’t find any errors, except at the end. Then I get the message: “Verify failed”.

I’m using these components:
- Development board: Olimex SAM7-EX256
- CPU: Atmel AT91SAM7X256
- Latest freeRTOS version (v5.0.0)
- CrossStudio for ARM 1.7 build 3

I’ve changed the settings for the AT91SAM7S256 in the compiler to AT91SAM7X256

Can anyone help me with this?

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, May 06, 2008:

Is this a FreeRTOS problem? It just sounds like you cannot program the flash. Probably something to do with the .map file settings or the programmer configuration. Try programming the flash using the SAM-BA from Atmel (free download).