Creating a Clock using Timer

Hi, I am new to freeRTOS and wanted to see if anyone could help me create a clock program which uses multiple tasks/timers to display time in 24 hour format of HHMMSS and run infinitely

I use a FreeRTOS timer to implement a real-time clock. You’ll have a fairly straightforward time doing it. The timer callback function can increment the clock. You’ll need one FreeRTOS task to format the time and update the display. The timer callback function could signal your task that a display update is due.

You can learn about FreeRTOS timers here. And FreeRTOS application concepts and best practices are found in the free book.

Thanks I managed to get it working that way. I want to try and improve the clock output so that it is displayed in a 7-segment display LED style but I have no idea where to start with that.