How to create time-based print (FreeRTOS Demo -> Win32 MingW

Hi, First of all, I apologize for using this platform for all my questions. But I am very new to embedded systems and FreeRTOS. I have now come to the level of being comfortable with my own c file on FreeRTOS. What I’m trying to do right now is to produce a time dependent print output. How can I write a program that can print out every 10 seconds? It’s okay if you don’t give the direct answer and point me to any resource. Thanks in advance.

int ebs(void){
        //delay 10


should do. Although I’m not familiar with the Windows emulation.
I’d recommend to browse the FreeRTOS docs starting e.g. here FreeRTOS - Quick start guide to get an overview about the basic concepts and also the FreeRTOS API also documented there including examples.

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Thank you it really helps