Build a "printf-stdarg.c" file for MikroC PRO for PIC32

I can’t find a well-built “printf-stdarg.c” library for MikroC PRo for PIC32 (not even for PIC18). I found only a few for MPLAB, but I am not sure I made the correct adjustments. Could someone help me by providing this library for the Mikroeletronica IDE?

You don’t say where you got the file from, why it won’t just work for you ‘out of the box’ as most of the many copies of printf-stdarg.c in the various FreeRTOS demos are almost identical, and what errors you are getting - so it is hard for anybody to make a suggestion.

The files are also just standard C code so should build, although I do recall the MikroC compiler had some issues building the FreeRTOS code too some time ago.

I’m attaching a version of printf-stdarg.c that has been used in many FreeRTOS projects.

Personally, I like it because it can also be used safely during an ISR. It has a very low usage of the stack.

Here it is: printf-stdarg.c (19.5 KB)

What is misses, is support for floating point.

Obrigado, vou estudar seu arquivo.