Bug in vTaskDelayUntil()

abdull wrote on Thursday, May 23, 2019:

I have a task that keeps printing some characters in an infinite loop and I have implemented a delay before each printing iteration using vTaskDelayUntil, but for some reason the delay isn’t working properly.

this is how I specify the vTaskDelayUnti parameters.

portTickType wakeTime;
wakeTime = xTaskGetTickCount();

and this is what the task does (it only prints BYE infinitly)

void print()
        vTaskDelayUntil( &wakeTime, 3000 );

This is how the task is created.

xTaskCreate(print, (const signed char*) "print", 1024, NULL, 3, &printH);

The screen shot below shows the output that I got. The characters do not follow the delay specified initially, and when it reaches the part where it looses the character E it starts to follow the delay specified.

Any idea for why the vTaskDelayUntil is not working in a propper way. Appreciated.