aws_secure_sockets.c implement based on lwip and mbedtls

gustavowd wrote on October 18, 2018:


I’m trying to port the Amazon AWS API to a Tiva Connected microcontroller. However, i’m stuck in two problems. The first one is that most of AWS FreeRTOS demo platforms implement the secure sockets API based on a proprietary hardware.

It seems to me that is possible to implement this abstraction layer just with lwip and mbedtls functions, making this file much more portable than the currently implemented.

Has anyone already implemented this file in this way?

Tiangang-AWS wrote on October 19, 2018:


Thanks for your interest in Amazon FreeRTOS. We’re constantly looking for customer feeback to improve our product, and we will take your query into account in prioritizing lwip support in the future.


gustavowd wrote on October 24, 2018:

Thanks Tiangang!

Fortunatelly, i was able to make available a beta version of Amazon FreeRTOS running on a Tiva connected launchpad based on lwip/mbedtls secure socket implementation.

I made the code available in my github just in case of anyone interested in testing or contribute for the code improvement.

Best regards,