AT91SAM7S64-IAR port + GNU ARM

dessaya wrote on Saturday, January 28, 2006:

Hi, all!

I’m starting a new project based on an AT91SAM7S256 microcontroller. I would like to use FreeRTOS, but I see that the port based on AT91SAM7S64-IAR is to be compiled using the IAR development tools. Will it be too difficult to compile the supplied demo using GNU ARM
instead? Has anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance,


nobody wrote on Saturday, January 28, 2006:

Take a look at the lwIP demo page, near the bottom there is some info on building it with GCC.  It is a SAM7X rather than SAM7S, but just change the headers.

I think there may be other GCC ports about also.

daveyjcrocket wrote on Sunday, January 29, 2006:

I’m using the 256 part with iar’s(segger) jlink usb download cable and gnuarm’s tools. The gnuarm yahoo group may be of use. There is a jlinkserver in the files section, for use with segger’s cable to download via jtag port. It doesn’t work with 256k part because the page size is for 64k part. Let me know if you want the app with corret page siz support.