Anyone have vUSBGetByte() for USBCDC?

brucewehr wrote on Wednesday, July 19, 2006:


I am using the USBCDC task from the FreeRTOS lwip/Rowley demo project in a project of my own.  I intend to use a terminal emulator for a quick and simple monitor task.  But, USBCDC only impliments a vUSBSendByte() … the is no vUSBGetByte() or vUSBByteAvail() (aka vUSBkbhit() :).

Now, I’m no USB expert, and I was just looking for a quick and simple solution.  I suppose I could dig into it and write them myself, but time is of the essence here, and if anyone has these routines already and doesn’t mind, I’d greatly appreciate being able to leverage your efforts.


dmwilliams66 wrote on Saturday, August 12, 2006:

How about this…

portCHAR cUSBGetByte( portTickType timeout )
  portCHAR cByte;

  if ( !xQueueReceive( xRxCDC, &cByte, timeout ) )
    return 0;

  return cByte;