ANN: V4.4.0 now in SVN

rtel wrote on Sunday, July 29, 2007:

I plan to tag it and release the .zip file this evening or tomorrow.  Change history as:

    + Added AVR32 UC3B demo application.
    + Updated AVR32 UC3A port and demo applications.
    + Added IAR lwIP demo for AVR32 UC3A.
    + Updated listGET_OWNER_OF_NEXT_ENTRY() to assist compiler optimisation
      (thanks B.R. for making the suggestion).
    + Added xTaskGetSchedulerState() API function.
    + BUG FIX:  Corrected behaviour when tasks that are blocked indefinitely
      have their block time adjusted (within xQueueSend() and xQueueReceive()),
      and are the subject of a call the vTaskResume() when they are not
      actually in the Suspended state (thanks Dan Searles for reporting the


jwestmoreland wrote on Sunday, July 29, 2007:


I’ll give this a try today and let you know of any issues I find.

Thanks for the hard work!
John W.

jwestmoreland wrote on Monday, July 30, 2007:


Just to let you know - I tried all of the updated ‘core’ files and got an ‘LED’ demo. running OK on a 'FG4618.  Note - this is not in 430X mode, unfortunately.
Looks like the issue there is boiling down to differences in RETI, RETA, and RET.

Someday I’ll have to discuss your build/debug farm since it seems you turn this stuff around rather quickly.


rtel wrote on Tuesday, July 31, 2007:

This is now tagged in SVN, and a .zip file released.