AMP support on Aurix TriCore and other platform

Notice that AMP is mentioned in the “FreeRTOS scheduling” section that each core of a multicore device runs its own independent instance of FreeRTOS.

So, wondering wether FreeRTOS already widely support AMP(asymmetric multiprocessing) on most platforms, or maybe some devices? For example, does AMP work on Aurix TriCore TC3xx?

  • If yes, where is the code for the AMP implementation, esp for Aurix TriCore TC3xx?
  • If not yet, is there a plan to move forward on this AMP path?

There is no special code for AMP as you run an instance of FreeRTOS on each core. In this context support means a method of multiple cores passing data and synchronising with each other. That is done using standard FreeRTOS stream and message buffers. Can’t provide link right now but you will find both features in the developer docs section of the site. There is also a blog post describing it on the site, and an example called some like StreamBuffersAMP.c in the FreeRTOS/demo/common directory.