Mechanism for IP(rocessor)C

skreyer wrote on Thursday, August 09, 2012:


Iam planning to use FreeRTOS in one of our projects. We want to run it on a dual core ARM cortex-a9. As far as Iam aware FreeRTOS does not support SMP, so if we want to utilize both cores we need to run it in AMP mode, i.e. one FreeRTOS instance per core. Surely we will need a mechanism to exchange information between both cores. Is there any support for IPC messages in FreeRTOS? If not, Iam planning to write my own service. Makes it sense to implement such a service within FreeRTOS architecture? (e.g. accessing port interface when it needs target specific services like shared memory allocation or   synchronization events between the cores). Otherwise, I simply would implement it as a project specific application utilizing FreeRTOS and target specific APIs.

Thanks for all information you have on this.


rtel wrote on Friday, August 10, 2012:

Have a look here:

I believe this is designed to run FreeRTOS on one A9 core, and Linux on another.  A Linux style inter-core communications API is used.

There will be another AMP protocol being published (by a third party) soon too, but I can’t say exactly when that will be yet.