AmazonFreeRTOS on nRF52840-DK

amijic wrote on May 19, 2019:


I was wondering how can I port Amazon FreeRTOS on nordic nRF module for a simple Hello World message to the cloud.

So, basically I just want to connect the chip to the cloud with MQTT protocol using BLE. These demos are always missing a certain function. Is there some simple tutorial for connecting to cloud and just printing random things to the my AWS console?
I downloaded a version for Nordic kits from feature/ble-beta/ branch on git and when I try to run a demo for simple mqtt connection defining (democonfigMQTT_ECHO_ENABLED) I get linking error because my code does not see vStartMQTTEchoDemo() function.

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ravishankar-AWS wrote on May 23, 2019:

Hello amijic@

To run the MQTT demo over BLE, you need to either enable “democonfigMQTTDemo_ENABLED” or “democonfigBLE_MQTT_ECHO_DEMO_ENABLED” in iot_demo_runner.h file.

Th demo uses a MQTT proxy running on a companion IOS/Android app to connect and send messages to the cloud. To setup the companion app you need to download Android/IOS mobile SDK for Amazon FreeRTOS.
You can find the documentation on Mobile SDK download and setup here:

Here is the general documentation on Amazon FreeRTOS BLE library (beta version) :