Add more peripheral driver libraries to FreeRTOS-Plus-IO

The current version of FreeRTOS-Plus-IO only support UART, I2C and SPI. And It has not upgrated for a long time. Please add more peripheral driver libraries to FreeRTOS-Plus-IO,such as ADC,DAC,SPI BUS,SPI device,Graphic device,RTC,SDIO…

@AdamDu Thank you for your request. I’ve forwarded it to the FreeRTOS Product team.

A similar project called CommonIO exists in the amazon-freertos repository which provides an interface for many of the peripheral and device types you mentioned. However, it differs significantly from FreeRTOS+IO.

There are a few existing CommonIO driver implementations for the following platforms:
nRF52840-dk, stm32l475_discovery, and esp32.

Feel free to share more details of the features you would like included in FreeRTOS+IO and / or CommonIO. We are always open to community pull requests.

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