Is FreeRTOS+IO equivelance of any other uart driver?


I am currently trying to implement some uart drivers in FreeRTOS. However, I noticed, there is also FreeRTOS+IO. Since my device is LPC1769 and there is already some sample code within FreeRTOS+IO Demo, would you encourage to use FreeRTOS+IO? Will it be entirely feasible to substitute some legacy uart drivers?

If I may, I like to hear some experience based opinions.

Thank you.

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You can use the FreeRTOS+IO implementation as a reference as you are using the same chip - but be aware we are changing to a new ‘common IO’ model, with a different interface.

@rtel, I understand, I therefore stick to my plan using some UART drivers. Do you have a roadmap to share for this common IO model? Should we expect it any soon?

You will find the headers here