Add heap_4.c to the project


I need to add heap_4.c to the project. I am not using a configuration tool to config the FreeRTOS and have to add it manually. From the web document, I only see this statement “Exactly one of these source files should be included in a project at a time”, but doesn’t say how to do that. Tried to search on the internet, I haven’t find any articles talking about this except that a few articles talk about how to use configuration tool for specific port.

Any document about the process to add memory management files in FreeRTOS?


Just build heap_4.c along with all the other FreeRTOS c files.

Thank Richard for your reply.
Where to put heap_4.c then? Copy it to the project FreeRTOS folder or add the FreeRTOS/Source/portable/MemMang to the compiler’s include paths? I tried both and it didn’t work.

It depends on which build tool / IDE you are using. You can do a google search to find out how to add a source file to your build tool.