ZynqMP A53 core booting issue with Linux and FreeRTOS operation

I am trying to run ZynqMP’s Cortex-A53 cores, where cores 1-3 are running SMP Linux, and core 4 is running FreeRTOS. The operating systems work individually, but when booting together, FreeRTOS crashes during a context switch. I suspect this is an interrupt issue. The code causing the crash is in the static void prvPsLedTask(void pvParameters) task, where vTaskDelay(x1second); → xAlreadyYielded = xTaskResumeAll(); → pdFALSE → / Force a reschedule if xTaskResumeAll has not already done so, we may * have put ourselves to sleep. */ if(xAlreadyYielded == pdFALSE) { xil_printf(“26\r\n”); portYIELD_WITHIN_API(); } and it does not work.

What do you mean by crash? Do you hit a fault or do you hit an assert as you described here - Can I implement SMP with Cortex-R5F dual core in zynqultraScale+ mpsoc? - #10 by hite118