I’m working with a STM32F429Idiscovery with cubeF4 freeRTOS.
I’m using the cmsis ossignalset, and I see that it calls the xTaskGenericNotify calls defined in the task.c file (that says is related to freeRTOS9.0).
Anyway, I can’t find no documentation of this call in the freeRTOS9.0 reference manual.
Can someone help me in finding documentation on this call?
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The various official Task Notify API is documented at this page: https://www.freertos.org/RTOS-task-notification-API.html

xTaskGenericNotify is an internal function that is used by these functions to implement those APIs (this is fairly common in how FreeRTOS is implemented, there is often a set of ‘Generic’ functions that really implement the API through macro wrappers).

The Generic functions aren’t really part of the documented API, but generally from the source code you can figure out what they are supposed to do base on the documented functions that call them and the comments in the files themselves.

Thanks for your fast answer.


thanks for your clear answer