xQueueCreate and Que Operations

Hi we have created 2 RAM_D1 and RAM_D2 we have used RAM_D1.
We need to use RAM_D2 in STM32CubeIde.
We need to use Queue in freeRTOS where we have to use RAM_D2. can we create Queue by using xQueue Create in RAM_D2 secions…
if yes how can we implement.
please let us know

Also can we use Queue API such as xQueuecreate xQueuesenf xQueuereceive which is available as freertos as circluar queue?

If you want to place the Queue in a specific block of memory, use the xQueueCreateStatic function (and enable static creation of object in the FreeRTOSConfig.h file). You will need to us a compiler specific command (and likely configure the linker configuration file) to make it put the memory object in that location.

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