Xilinx MicroBlaze Crashes w/ FreeRTOS and LwIP

rhodeman wrote on Monday, September 25, 2017:


For any fellow MicroBlaze/FreeRTOS users out there… We’re seeing an issue when our MicroBlaze is connected to LAN (using LwIP) where the MicroBlaze seems to randomly completely crash after running for a while (sometimes hours, sometimes days). It’s very bizzare and only seems to happen when we are connected to LAN. Is anyone here familair with setting up FreeRTOS with the LwIP on a Xilinx MicroBlaze? We’d certainly like to make sure we’re configuring the RTOS as we should with the LwIP. Thanks!

  • Matthew

rtel wrote on Monday, September 25, 2017:

How did you generate the project? Using the Xilinx wizard, or manually?
Do you have exceptions on the Microblaze implementation?