Xilinx FreeRTOS vApplicationIRQHandler()


we are using Zynq7000 and FreeRTOS for a project. So far we could adapt everything in from the bsp for our needs but we need FPU safe interrupts. In the ‘portZynq7000.c’ there is a auto-genreated vApplicationIRQHandler() implementation. I do not see any possibly to get rid of this so we basically cannot get FPU safe interrupts with the xilinx FreeRTOS domain/bsp?

Another idea would be to compile FreeRTOS as a static library and use this in our “bare metal” C++ application but I cannot launch the resulting application this with Vitis TCF services (GDB is working).

Is there any way to get FPU safe interrupts using the xilinx FreeRTOS domain/bsp?

Thank you!

Sorry - I’m not familiar with this platform. Maybe this related documentation can give some hints ?

If the tool can’t generate the project with the necessary interrupt handler then you can create a baremetal/standalone BSP then add in the FreeRTOS files in manually. That is what the Zynq demo in the official FreeRTOS download does (still using XSDK). https://www.freertos.org/RTOS-Xilinx-Zynq.html

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Thank you for your quick replies.

The problem is that our application is in C++ (we are migrating from another OS). I do not think you can compile and link FreeRTOS and a C++ application as one project.

As you proposed, it is probably the only way adding the FreeRTOS files manually as a library to a baremetal C++ aplication.

@StefanBa Others and I have C++ apps and compile/link in FreeRTOS (C-)files.
The easiest and most common way of doing that is having different build/make rules resp. compile flags for *.c and *.cpp files.
But sure, you can also build a FreeRTOS library first as a separate build step.

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Thank you, I’ll look into it.