WIth FreeRTOS V4.0.0 version multicast feature is not joined for multiple vlans

with FreeRTOS v4.0.0 and When I tried with this demo multicast is working when I tried with and added new vlan multicast is not joined
For this logic multicast is woking? for v4.0.0 version

Hi @Bhavya443

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In FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP v4.0.0 there is a very limited support of multicast right now.

Multicast can work on the same local subnet without routing, but working with VLANs and different subnet requires routing/IGMP support, which is currently not present on FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP v4.0.0.

Multicast support for IPv4 and IPv6 is in our roadmap, you can check forum issue , github issue for more details.

You can also check the roadmap here.