WinSim projects: wpcap.dll was not found

Since I have a new laptop, I can not run the WinSim demo’s because “wpcap.dll was not found”.

A WinSim application simulates FreeRTOS and its libraries. It uses WinPcap to get access to the Ethernet.

WinPcap is now outdated, and it is replaced by npcap.

I did install NPCAP along with WireShark, and there is a file called “C:\Windows\System32\Npcap\wpcap.dll”.

Did anyone encounter and solve this problem?

Hey @htibosch,

I had encountered a similar issue when trying out the WinSim demo. Installing WinPcap from WinPcap - Download page using the Version 4.1.3 Installer for Windows helped me resolve the issue.

You can install npap in “WinPcap Compatible Mode”. You need to select “WinPcap Compatible Mode” during installation (there is a checkbox on one of the installer screen).

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That works for me too, thank you @tony-josi-aws

I had seen the page and I was impressed by the warning about DLL hijacking during installation (old version of NSIS).

But nothing strange happened and it works immediately again!

Gaurav’s solution also works:


and it seems to be safer.

Thank you both!