Will Post Port Soon For TI Piccolo Processor

jwestmoreland wrote on Wednesday, December 16, 2009:

Hello All,

Just want to announce that I will post a port soon for the TI:
TMX20F28027 Piccolo controlSTICK -

Why do you ask?  Well, you don’t have to use TI’s DSP/BIOS with the new family of low cost DSP microcontrollers from TI - and ‘just because I can’ - :wink: so to speak.

Anyway, interesting and fun - and just want to give a heads-up.  The code is compiling - just need to spend some more time in the debugger and then it should be stable enough to post.

Feel free to contact me or post a response here.

John Westmoreland

john @ westmoreland engineering dot com
(no spaces obviously …)