Will be work "Percepio tracealyzer" with my st-link v2?

Could someone tell me, will be work my st-link v2 with “Percepio tracealyzer” in STM32CubeIDE?

PS - I am a new user and can’t leave a link to my st-link v2.

I’ve used tracealyzer with an stlink, but it has been a while, and I did not use Cube.

Afaik, the st link does not support streams, so you’ll be limited to storing your data in your target’s RAM, downloading the buffer to your host and feeding it to tracealyzer there. Still I find it very useful.

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Yes, it works with “snapshot mode” where the trace is stored to a ring-buffer in target RAM. A buffer size of a few KB can often give you the last 100 ms or so. Streaming is possible over SWO, but the STLINK v2 can only handle about 60 KB/s at most, and there is a lot of overhead if maxing the SWO port since you get blocking. The v3 is however several times faster. There are however other ways to implement streaming, such as a network connection, and you can define your own “stream port” if you like.

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Thanks for the answer! Are there an example in the Internet of implementing ST LINK V2 with ‘Percepio tracealyzer’ because I have no ST LINK V3?

Snapshot mode stores the trace in a RAM buffer on the target - so it doesn’t matter if you have an ST LINK V2 or V3, you just dump the entire RAM buffer onto your host and open it there.

There is a video tutorial here: Getting Started with Tracealyzer on STM32 - Percepio AB

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