WIFI AP + DHCP Server for configuring WIFI credentials


Are there any plans or maybe just recommendations for to get a basic DHCP Server up and running in combination with a local WIFI AP? Our use-case is standard case were the device starts an temporary AP so that the user can setup the WIFI-credentials of the device from an app on an Android or iPhone.
We are using the AWS PIC32-dist of FreeRTOS and can start the AP using IoT_wifi.c > WIFI_ConfigureAP() (PIC32 dist), but then we need the additional support for the DHCP Server and a simple TCP server to deal with the configurations.

And recommendations on how to best integrate the required SW for this?

Kind Regards

Hi @olofe,

Due to concerns over the security of accepting incoming connections to the microcontroller, this is not currently supported by FreeRTOS itself, and solutions will differ by platform.

If you are using PIC32 on WINC15xx, the WiFi module has AP mode provisioning built in, which you can refer to here

Hi! Thanks for the information there. We will take a look at the built-in support in the WINC-module.