Why do you have a freertos demo for the Cortex-A53, which is not a real time processor?

Hi, I am working with a Ultrascale MPSoC and I have found a demo where you use the A53 processor of the MPSoC, it is an APU (Application processing unit) as described in the Xilinx docs, why do you use a non real time processor with a rtos?, what are the benefits?, I thought that a rtos should be used exclusively in the rpu (real time processing unit), thanks

The difference between a ‘Real Time Processor’ and an ‘Application Processor’ is mostly just terminology. FreeRTOS can be used on many processors that weren’t optimized for an RTOS, but are still usable for one.

I think in this case, the chip comes with these processors, so we can use them with FreeRTOS, even if they weren’t designed to be optimized for that purpose. FreeRTOS may not use all the capability of the processor, but if you don’t need (or want) something more complicated, it works.

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Generally the community decides where FreeRTOS is going to run, not us, and we see growing demand for large Cortex-A5x devices.