Which libraries are deprecated in AWS repository?

I can confirm that some libs are deprecated in the following document.

But it’s unclear for me to distinguish in aws/amazon-freertos repository.
e.g., wifi, commonio, aws/greengrass…

Are there any decent list?

Hi ytakio,

You can find the information in the migration guide.
Please take a look and feedback further question.

Hi Fresh,

Yes, a link you and me mentioned covers and describes a few libraries as deprecated.
But I want to know remained others like wifi, commonio, aws/greengrass.

I’m not sure whether we can keep to use these libs in deprecated AWS repository…

The CommonIO and BLE abstractions will soon be hosted in their own GitHub repositories. You should see an update in the migration guide (and other related documentation) very soon.

In this document, BLE has been deprecated.
Do you mean that deprecated BLE lib will be moved to independent repository and AWS will officially support again?

Only the amazon-freertos github repository is deprecated. Regarding BLE, we did not plan to continue supporting the proprietary mqtt over BLE feature (this is still being discussed), but the BLE APIs and other services will be moved to a new repository and the migration guide will be accordingly updated.

Thank you for your confirmation!
I got it :slight_smile:

Common IO is now hosted here

And the BLE abstractions are now hosted here

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