What happens to the task_notification value when xTaskNotifyWait times out?

This is not clear to me from the docs.
I am looking for a way to clear the notification value and any pending notification before triggering some action in several other tasks. Each of them will set one bit in the notification value when finished.
How to do it?
Thanks for any help

ulTaskNotifyValueClear / xTaskNotifyStateClear isn’t what you want ?

I wasn’t aware of ulTaskNotifyValueClear, it’s not in the reference manual pdf. But yes that’s what I need.
Still for clarification I would be interested in an answer to the headline question.
By the way:

  • will the pdfs be updated some time soon / frequently or should I use web based doc in the future?
  • Is there a way to get informed about new features in new revisions? Is there some kind of newsletter?