What demo is more closer to MIPS & gcc


Im going to use FreeRTOS for MIPS32/64 MCUs
But to do what, according

I have to choose suitable demo from the presented.
Cause for MIPS it hasnt got any I suppose what Its possoble to choose closest in architecture.

In my case I have to use MIPS-MTI-ELF so I can choose from GCC folder only.
And in this case I see RISC-V is more suitable.
But Im not sure…, correct me please

Thank you in advaunce

The PIC32 MX and MZ ports are both MIPS cores. The compiler is also GCC, although called something else by Microchip. Would provide link but I’m on my cellphone.

Adding link: https://github.com/FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel/tree/main/portable/MPLAB - there is a documentation page for the PIC32 demos on the FreeRTOS.org site, but I think you are just after the port code. It should be noted this is the most complex of all the FreeRTOS ports, mainly to enable nested interrupt support.

Thank you very much!