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Percepio Tracealyzer provides Visual Trace Diagnostics for FreeRTOS which allows users to find bugs faster and verify that the application behaves as intended. To learn more about the Tracealyzer, read our white paper — Stop Guessing - See Inside RTOS Firmware with Visual Tracing. If you’re looking to get started, please see the Quick Start Guide.

To get help with the Tracealyzer, please include the following details so that we can help you as quickly as possible:

  • Processor
  • IDE and debug probe
  • Recorder mode (snapshot or streaming)

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The Percepio Team

Hi Rashed, Percepio Team,
I am trying to use Percepio Tracealyzer for FREERTOS with Infineon’s DAVE Integrated Development Environment eclipse based application.
I am have difficulties and could use some assistance.


Hi KT,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I would suggest starting on this page: https://percepio.com/gettingstarted-freertos/ because it lists most things you need to get it Tracealyzer working. And to make it easier taking snapshot traces from inside your Eclipse based IDE I would also suggest using our plugin which you can find in the Eclipse marketplace, or get directly from our page: https://percepio.com/exporter/

Best Regards,