web server sample on FreeRTOS

yyang2000 wrote on Tuesday, January 26, 2010:


I am trying to modify the web server in a demo of FreeRTOS. I need to create a web server in my project. So I need to learn how to implement a web server in my program based on a demo of FreeRTOS.

I wonder if someone can contribute and introduce a knowledge regarding the web server design concept. for example, what the httpd.c/h, httpd-fs.c/h, httpd-fsdata.c/h and makefsdata/makefsstrings are doing and how to modify them to expand, add or remove some functions for fit my using. I knew these web pages are based on shtml files in a httpd-fs subdirectory. However I could not get a thread in my mind how to create a web server application as the demo did. I also searched on FReeRTOS web site and could not find some useful materials about the web server demo.


davedoors wrote on Wednesday, January 27, 2010:

Have you checked out the uIP documentation?

yyang2000 wrote on Wednesday, January 27, 2010:

Davedoors, thank you for your replying.

I’ve viewed the uIP TCP/IP Stack 1.0 reference manual. Actually it mentioned two functions, httpd-cgi.c, web server script interface and httpd.c the web server.  However, I may be rusty on this. I still want to figure out how the web server is going, for example, how the Submit button pressed on IO page to change the LED state, how a device driver is knowing that change has happened and  to process a GPIO pin to change a LED state.

I only know the SSI is used in IO.shtml page and CGI has a handler to handle this. But I am not clear how it is going. Or what kind of procedures actually is going.

I wonder if any one can provide a little info or suggest a book I have to read.