Warnings associated with Xilinx ARM GCC version 11.2

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I have observed since upgrading to the latest version of Xilinx Vitis development environment (Xilinx GCC ARM 11.2) a number of months ago I am getting the following warnings on building my ‘Combined FreeRTOS’ library(It has the Kernel +TCP & +FAT rolled into one). Having looked around on the web I can’t decide whether these warnings are benign or a cause for concern. I also prefer to eliminate all warnings from my own code.

Here are the warnings I get on building the library:

I would appreciate any feedback as to whether these warnings are considered a potential issue and how we can go about removing them.

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We have seen these warnings when -O3 optimization is used with the latest GCC and are investigating if it is a genuine issue in the generated code at that optimization level or a false positive. The c code itself is fine. I’m not sure if the investigation is complete yet but it was being discussed in a GitHub bug report.

Hi @rtel ,

Thank you for your response, I have found an issue here and a pull request here.

I can also confirm I have found this warning appears when the -O3 option is enabled.

I have put a watch on the two threads and keep an eye on them for the outcome.

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