vStartInterruptQueueTasks in Posix Demo


I am looking at the Posix_GCC demo that uses the linux port on FreeRTOS. In the main_full version there seems to be no vStartInterruptQueueTasks. Does this mean that interrupt related FreeRTOS APIs cannot be used with the linux port?

If on the other hand, if the interrupt related APIs can be used, how do I configure the interrupts and provide input as interrupts?


We use pthreads to simulate hardware interrupts/events with most signals blocked in those threads.
As a practical example you can take a look at our network interface implementation for linux here

Thank you for the lead. As a follow up, may I know how the interrupt vector table is handled now?

Also, say if I wanted to send say data from a serial port in the hardware version, how can I send a data to this interrupt simulated pthread version?

Any time!
There is no interrupt table with linux, a hard fault will be handled by the linux kernel for example.

So in the hardware version, you would receive an interrupt to read the buffer, and do the work.
In the software version, you will have to create a thread to read from various /dev/device files or some sort of a library, and notify the “interrupt” handler simulator directly in terms of software synchronization, and do the work as in the hardware version.