vSemaphoreDelete() quick question

bertino wrote on Monday, May 05, 2014:


I’m on FreeRTOS v8.0.0. After adding and creating some binary semaphores through calls to
xSemaphoreCreateBinary() I was trying to complete a code section to de-allocate semaphore
variables. My idea was to use vSemaphoreDelete() once semaphore are not needed anymore, but
reading the manual carefully, it says that vSemaphoreDelete() is to be used after vSemaphoreCreateBinary() no reference to xSemaphoreCreateBinary() was made. I’m assuming it should work with xSemaphoreCreateBinary() as well, but I’m asking you to be sure I’m not neglecting anything.


rtel wrote on Monday, May 05, 2014:

Yes it is fine to call vSemaphoreDelete() on semaphores that are created with either vSemaphoreCreateBinary(), or xSemaphoreCreateBinary() - or any other semaphore for that matter. I will update the docs.