vQueueAddToRegistry for semaphores, mutexes, stream and message buffers?

For FreeRTOS-aware debug, it would be great to see the state of mutexes, semaphores, and message and stream buffers. I didn’t find mention in vQueueAddToRegistry nor other documentation. Is it supported?
PS: For this project I’m using NXP’s MCUXpresso Task Aware Debug (TAD) for FreeRTOS.
It mostly works and is quite helpful…

Semaphores and Mutexes are just queue with no data, so you can add them to the registry, and the number of items will tell you their state.

It would be nice if StreamBuffers were supported (which would basically automatically get MessageBuffers, since they are just a minor variant of them, using must of the same code base and structures).

Sound like a good candidate for a feature request. Better still, a pull request that adds this capability.

I wonder if all object types could be in the same registry? That might get static checkers into tizz with type conversions to and from void*.

Is the documentation in github somewhere?
vQueueAddToRegistry should mention applicability to semaphores and mutexes but not message buffers and stream buffers.

It takes a QueueHandle_t, and a SemaphoreHandle_t is just a typedef for that type (and Semaphores are documented as being based on Queues), so its applicability to those types should be clear.

StreamBuffer Handles are NOT an equivalent type, so you can’t pass them to vQueueAddToRegistry without a cast, which is a sign that you are doing a possibly unsupported operation.

Understood, I was trying to point out that this should be in the documentation… Thanks Richard!