Voice recognition implementation

Hi FRTOS users,

Do you have skills on implimenting voice recognition software for a mobile phone?

Do you have skills on implimenting voice recognition software for a mobile phone?

You are asking this on a forum about a realt-ime operating system, called FreeRTOS.

Maybe other forums are more specialised into techniques of voice recognition? Or just ask Google?

I have worked with it, but that is a while a go. I used it in an application that attends public telephone lines. There were some good open-source projects that helped me reach my goals.

Thanks Hein,

Google Voice recognition forums - why didn’t I think of that!

Your advice is much appreciated.




We can also rephrase a little, we have a challenge to put voice recognition on a small device running freertos, is there anyone who can help with that on the freertos forum.
Hein, it sounds like you have done some work in this general area, I know from experience that there are good open source projects and those which are … not so good. Do you have from your recollections any that you would recommend for a small freertos platform, preferably C or C++ (because those are my favourites)

Indeed it can, and from text we can process it in code. However we do need to have a situation where the device we are using acts more like the Alexa pod in that we have a word or phrase to ‘wake it up’ and then because we are on a small device without a lot of memory stream the voice data to a server where it will be decoded and commands acted on (either on the server or passed back to the device). What we dont want to be doing is having the customer buying alexa boxes and carting them everywhere, this device is to be worn and to act in the same ways inside and outside.

@daveh There is actually an Alexa Voice Service Integration Client SDK that integrates with FreeRTOS that may be useful to your project: GitHub - aws-samples/alexa-voice-service-integration-for-aws-iot-freertos-porting-kit