Vlan configuration on Ublox-C027

I will expalin my issue in details

First of all I’m using Ublox - C027 and it will be connected in a VLAN. My mbed will be a TCP server and my laptop will be a TCP client. I want to be able to connect and recieve other information from the client in this VLAN. My mbed was able to recieve from a TCP client without activating the VLAN ID on my laptop (client). When I add a VLAN ID to my laptop I was not able to communicate.

I’m using mbed online compiler and as am using RTOS that mean my MBED-OS is 5.

I need to know if I’m able to configure the VLAN on my MBED.

I hope these information are enough for explaining my issue.
Your help will be apprecieted.

Thank you in advance.

This is the FreeRTOS forum - do you have a FreeRTOS question? If not I would recommend asking your question on either the Ublox or mbedOS forums.

Thank you for your help and reply