Visual_studio aws_demos cannot find main.c from visual studio Solution Explorer

New to Amazon-freertos. Cloned aws/amazon-freertos and followed ReadMe instructions to set core.symlinks true, git bash in admin mode, cloned with --recurse-submodules. Opened amazon-freertos\projects\vendor\board\visual_studio\aws_demos\aws_demos.sln in VS 2019. In Solution Explorer project aws_demos tried to open application_code \main.c and get "amazon-freertos\project\vendor\board\visual_studio\common\application_code\main.c Cannot open file.

Search for the common subdir and did not find it.

I noticed the github repositiory seems to have been refactored. I was following a Pluralsight 2019 course and the repo organization shown is much different.

I assume I got the symbolic links correct. Any suggestion or pointers to help me get started would be greatly appreciated.

You are using the incorrect project. Please use this project - amazon-freertos/aws_demos.sln at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub

Thank you, this has resolved my issue.