Visual c++ 2005 express edition

nobody wrote on Thursday, October 13, 2005:

Why do not you use visual c++ to write code for dos applications. The visual express edition is free.
When I do this and I use the watcom port file as example, I get some problems with the pragmas.
Can you help to solve this problem. Also how do you use the timer interrupt from dos? Do you capture the dos interrupt? Also the visual c++ compiler can generate arm code. Can you use this to make arm7 (Philips LPC) applications? Thank you.

rtel wrote on Friday, October 14, 2005:

+There are lots of compilers that are not used :-)  When I wrote the port I found Open Watcom to be the best free choice, and it is also open source.  Although I admit I am not aware of a free version of Visual C++ and it is interesting - I’m sure however it is not open source.

+ If you say what the problems are, I might be able to suggest alternatives.  Can’t guarantee it though as I have never used the ‘express’ edition.

+ The RTOS tick replaces the DOS tick, but chains it at a frequency as close as possible to the required DOS tick frequency.  The timer is just written to directly to replace the ISR.

+ I’ve never heard of a Visual C++ compiler generating ARM code, are we talking about Microsoft VC++?  I will have to look it up.


nobody wrote on Wednesday, October 19, 2005:


from what I know there’s the Visual Toolkit 2003 Edition. It’s the MS compiler with  includes and libraries.
I wanted to use it for wxwidgets but it doesn’t even come with a make tool! I suggest the free Borland compiler instead.