v.4.0.1 Port For MSP430F169 Elprotronic EVM

jwestmoreland wrote on Saturday, April 22, 2006:


This is to announce that I’ve posted the latest MSP430 IAR port to my site using the Elprotronic
MSP430F169 as a target platform.  I modified my
board to have a '1611 - but I have builds that
will run on both target processors.  The LED
and COM tasks run, plus the usual others.

You can see more details at
www.WestmorelandEngineering.com - there’s a
notes.txt file to help in getting going.

John W.

jwestmoreland wrote on Monday, April 24, 2006:


Also - I’ve completed a port for ZX Technologies’ zxWORKBENCH using the MSP430F1XX Microcontroller
Target Board - using the '1611 as a target.

34 tasks are running - 8 LED’s, 2 Com, plus the usual others.

Please see more details at:
www.WestmorelandEngineering.com .

Best Regards,
John W.