Using the MMU on a LPC541xx processor

I want to experiment with using the MMU on an LPC54113x processor for isolating task ram use in what will be a high reliability application. All LPC54xx M4 processors seem to use the same MMU, so if anyone has implemented an MMU FreeRTOS on these processors I would appreciate a copy. The eventual implementation and application will undergo rigorous testing and I will share the results here. Many thanks, Ron.

It’s not exactly a MMU (with memory re-mapping etc.) but a MPU. This is supported by FreeRTOS (see FreeRTOS-MPU - ARM Cortex-M3 and ARM Cortex-M4 Memory Protection Unit support in FreeRTOS) and in your case covered by the ARM_CM4_MPU port.

Thanks Hartmut. Ok about the MPU/MMU difference. I think an MPU will be all I need. I’ll download the port and get started. Ron.