Using notification as mailbox vs event group

Hey all,

I’m trying to understand what will be the performance difference between using notifications as mailbox and between using notifications as event group.


To my knowledge, there won’t be any measurable difference in performance as far as FreeRTOS is considered. The key is that a given notification word can only be used one way (at a time), at least easily, so if it makes a difference on your application side, which you use that would make a difference.

Got it!

Another question that I have is: there is any difference in performance between using queue with size 1 and between using notifications as mailbox?


I believe this here should answer your question. Note, however, that the semantics are different, as has been pointed out by Richard before (eg you can’t block on a pending task notification).

The Queue would definitely be ‘heavier’, but allows the sender to block if full. It really depends on the needs.